Thursday, March 22, 2012


The joys and pains of homeschooling are most certainly the inspiration for this place. The four faces and personalities above are the heart of the inspiration. Each one is so beautiful and unique that I am overwhelmed at times with the responsibility which my husband and I have been given. Sometimes even breathing becomes difficult.

That, I have found, is not unique to myself. Over and over parents have talked to us of the stress of figuring out the "right" curriculum or philosophy of homeschooling. "What if we make a mistake?" is another common question and stressor for those who choose to educate at home.

My best advice is to "just breathe". Life changes by the hour. Our children grow and change with it. Taking the time to enjoy the change and bend with it, is the way to survive this path we have chosen.

I hope to be able to share a little of our journey while giving tools to help others on theirs. Homeschooling is so much more than just "schooling". It is just one aspect of our lives. Education is so much more than the 3 R's we came to understand it to be. It is living and breathing. Learning together, one step at a time and yes, one breath at a time.

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